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Special Conveyors

Special Conveyors

Special Conveyors

In recent years, Cobalt has been investing heavily in the R&D of its standard belt conveyors range; streamlining and ensuring great efficiency and value for money. However, our Projects and Design Team can also deliver bespoke or ‘special’ solutions should a client require something not ‘off the shelf’.

  • Crossover Conveyors
  • Mezzanine Floor Conveyors
  • Twin Track Conveyors
  • Vehicle Loaders/Unloaders
  • Mobile Conveyors
Special Conveyors

Crossover Conveyors

Cobalt Conveyors can custom build bespoke cross over conveyors which can efficiently take product from one conveyor and deposit it onto another conveyor.

These can be any type of belt or plastic chain slat conveyors and can handle very small or large product items - even those with an unstable base. We can also supply a large range of type of belts appropriate for the type of product being transported.

Our cross over conveyors can drop product onto infeed conveyors, labelling machines, carton erecting machines or check weighers and metal detectors. They are the perfect solution in making a ‘dead’ area a productive use of space.

Most of our cross over conveyors have been manufactured in aluminium but stainless steel is an option for the food and pharmaceutical industries. All of our crossovers are designed with energy efficiency a priority and we use the best SEW motor gearboxes.



Cobalt can also supply a range of depuckers which can remove items of product from a plastic puck so that the puck can be returned to the main line to be reused and the product travels on its way to be labelled, weighed or packed etc.

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