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Modular Plastic Chain Conveyors

Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor COB 140 M

Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor


The COB-140-M is the plastic chain modular version of our standard COB-140 conveyor. Available in line with all the specification variants supplied by our standard COB-140 – the main feature of this conveyor is it is supplied with a plastic chain as opposed to our standard belt.

The advantages of a plastic modular chain conveyor lies in the fact is it highly durable, flexible and should a section ever need replacing due to wear and tear – much more cost effective.

In addition, for use in industries where a clean environment is a requirement, the wash down capabilities of plastic chain is simple and timesaving. As with our COB-140 the COB-140-M can be supplied in stainless steel as well as aluminium.

Widths available 152, 304, 457, 507, 610, 762mm. If you require any special widths - please call the sales office.

Curved Modular Chain Conveyors

Curved Modular Chain Conveyors

Sometimes when asked by clients to supply Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor, clients ask for us to design a system that can travel around bends at various angles. The flexibility of this type of product makes this much easier to achieve in one continuous run.

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