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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

The main objectives of installing a complete conveyor system are to: -

  • Automate production
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Make the flow of production easier to follow

Involve Us From The Beginning

From an initial discussion to assess your requirements to an onsite evaluation, Cobalt’s engineers will take into account your industry type, full specification of your product, the speed of production, space constraints and whether the system has to link with any other existing equipment.

Following this stage, Cobalt will deliver fully annotated plans via a 3D CAD system to the client. These provide a springboard for the project from which modifications can be made prior to manufacture. Should the system merit it – Cobalt is happy to also convert the flat plans to a full computer simulation to demonstrate the synchronicity of the new conveyor system.

It is important to remember that unlike many of our competitors, we are not bound to one type of conveyor system. Therefore, Cobalt always makes sure that its clients have the right conveyor for the right application. Indeed we have delivered systems that incorporate up to five types of different conveyors.

Integrating Your Conveyors With Other Equipment

For complete conveyor systems Cobalt is also able to incorporate and integrate additional pieces of equipment within your design that will give you a full ‘turnkey’ solution.

  • Flow wrappers
  • Shrink wrap machines
  • Check weighers
  • Metal detectors
  • Filling machines
  • Robotic pick and place systems
  • Coding systems

Cobalt also custom designs & builds efficient control panels. We use only the best quality PLCs, HMIs, inverters and control components. Such first class attributes guarantee a long-lasting, production optimising control panel – one you can ‘fit and forget’.

Many of our large blue chip clients have to work to strict company standards in terms of mechanical and electrical practices, control panel specifications, installation and wiring. Cobalt is well versed in ensuring that all the work we carry out meets these strict criteria. Our clients’ standards are our standards.

For conveyors systems – Cobalt Conveyors is the team that works within your team.

Are you interested in working with Cobalt Conveyors?

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