Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors offer our clients the opportunity to expand their manufacturing office and storage space of their existing buildings quickly and in a very cost effective manner. Our mezzanine floors are all custom designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.
Many of our clients in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution have implemented mezzanine floors in their businesses to expand their capacity and increase productivity. Reducing wasted space is a key objective in this time of stringent resources. Cobalt Projects however will always ensure a flexible use of space without compromising safety of security of your working environment.

Cobalt Projects will design and supply mezzanine floors to suit our client’s exact requirements, including guard rails and stairs that conform to the latest building regulations as set out by the Health & Safety Executive. The safe operation of mezzanine floors can be enhanced by the provision of additional equipment such as conveyor systems include floor to floor parcel handling belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, good lifts, racking and shelving, all custom design to suit the application. Floor decking is often supplied as 38mm thick interlocking medium density fibre board (MDF) but other options such as open steel mesh are available. Other options such as suspended ceilings and fire protection can be included.

Once an order has been placed a site survey and inspection will be conducted and carried out by a specialist surveyor. This ensures a fast response for your project timescales but with the assurance that the surveyor is very familiar with site requirements and specific issues surrounding the erection of mezzanine floors.

One of the key benefits of the quality mezzanine system that Cobalt Projects uses is the complete integration of the quotation, draughting and detailed drawing stages of the process. Data input at the initial quotation stage is checked and amended by specialist engineers and surveyors following the site inspection. This data is then used by the system to work out the most efficient floor design, given the various loading, access and site conditions, and then to produce detailed CAD drawings of the project for Building Regulations approval, manufacturing and installation.

The manufacturing facilities used by Cobalt Projects operate to tightly controlled just-in-time principles driven by the unique quality mezzanine floor product. The operation is set up to provide the most efficient and scalable production resource in the market today and is capable of delivering floors ranging in size from just 20m2 to vast multi-tiered and highly complex installations covering many tens of thousands of square metres.

Installation is carried out through by a team operating to appropriate site safety protocols approved and monitored by an appointed health and safety consultant. Operatives are fully insured and trained to operate required equipment and are certified to nationally approved standards.