High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors

High speed doors have the potential to increase the efficiency of any warehouse, manufacturing or distribution organisation. By minimising the time that any vehicle is spent waiting in front of the doors you can significantly improve your logistical turnarounds and save lost energy at the same time. High speed doors not only save man hours but can prevent wear and tear on vehicles, forklifts and equipment.

Cobalt Projects supplies custom made high speed doors manufactured by the global market leader with a reputation for speed, safety, quality, reliability and 30 years experience. With a commitment to product development and innovation, they are synonymous with the term ‘high speed doors’.

Cobalt Projects can supply a range of high speed door products suitable for any warehouse and distribution need – inside or outside. With an opening speed of up to 4 metres per second, these high speed doors are designed for frequent use and durability. With standard thermally separated insulation laths upto 0.66 W/m2K insulation value can be achieved - depending on the size of the door.

With a set of unique safety devices integral to these doors, personnel safety is not compromised at all. All the doors comply fully with the latest European standards.

From production to installation and service, all the engineers are fully trained. Prior to installation, an experienced specialist will inspect your premises and discuss in depth your requirements prior to designing your individual door. Qualified technicians will oversee the installation and you can be assured of access to a prompt after care service and a UK based spare parts supply.