About Us

Cobalt Group

The Cobalt Group is a group of companies that was established to umbrella a range of specialism’s that can deliver a ‘one stop shop’ to all manufacturers. Whether in food production, engineering, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, garment handling, warehouse systems, automotive etc.

In addition the group can also provide expertise and support for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Project Management companies and Engineering companies.

Conveyor Belt System

Cobalt Conveyors

Cobalt Conveyors was established in 2007 and is a member of the Cobalt Group of Companies. The team at Cobalt Conveyors fully embodies the skills and experience needed by any company seeking conveyor solutions.
Cobalt Conveyors can handle projects from concept to completion and provide innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions to you, our client, whilst ensuring outstanding service that is both flexible and accommodating.

Cobalt Projects

Cobalt Projects was founded to deliver quality project management across a range of disciplines. Working in tandem with associate company Cobalt Conveyors, it enables the Cobalt Group to deliver comprehensive turnkey systems for manufacturers across many sectors including warehousing, clothing, foods, cosmetics, automotive and engineering. Although the company will take on any aspect of project management, its specialties include: Mezzanine floors, goods and passenger lifts, garment handling systems, overhead conveyor systems and live storage.

“The quality of the kit supplied by Cobalt Conveyors is first class and the project management was exceptional as the line was fully operational well before we had expected.”–Paul Atkinson, Hallam Beauty

“Time constraints meant that I needed an installation solution that was both quick and efficient. Cobalt Conveyors’ team provided that solution and the standard of the workmanship was very high.”–Finlay Russell, Artform International

“Cobalt was very competitively priced and the quality of the conveyors it supplied was impressive. We were keen to make improvements to our line during our summer shutdown, so time was of the essence and Cobalt delivered punctually.”–Mark Buckworth, Marlow Foods

“We awarded the contract to Cobalt Conveyors based on their quality of build, competive pricing and flexibility with regard to working hours/times at the point of installation. We were impressed and assured at being able to view footage of our system during the manufacturing process, prior to it being installed at our premises. This gave us complete peace of mind in the integrity and design of the system despite it’s complexity.”–Terry Seymour, Airways Optical

“Although we expected a very tight turnaround for this project, Cobalt Conveyors managed to manufacture, deliver and install the new system well within our expectations and to a high standard. I was very pleased with the outcome”

–Tony Ferrabee, Fox's Biscuits

“Having worked with the Cobalt Group previously when installing several new conveyor systems, I was aware that the company also offered a full project management service. One of my first tasks here at Libra Chemicals was to appraise production efficiency and implement a strategy that would streamline the plant and standardise procedures. I chose the team at Cobalt Projects to work with me to identify areas for improvement and outline plans for capital investment and improved production methodologies. I am very pleased with how we are working to move the company forward and have been impressed with Cobalt Projects’ ability to work as a team within our team.”–Paul Atkinson, Libra Chemicals Ltd

“Cobalt has installed a conveyor system that works really well for the type of product that we handle. Cobalt also offers an excellent after sales service and I have to say that Cobalt services are first class. On the rare occasions that there is a problem they are here within 12 to 24 hours to sort it out.”–Bill Taylor, Sleepmasters