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Belt Conveyors

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Made in Great Britain

Since its inception in 2007, Cobalt fulfilled the demand it created, via a collection of handpicked manufacturers that we were confident would deliver a quality, durable, cost effective product that would reflect well on the Cobalt name.

However towards the end of 2012, Cobalt identified an opportunity to design and manufacture its own branded, made in Great Britain, belt conveyors. Our mission was to develop a blueprint that would deliver a product that was of a consistent quality, immensely versatile yet wonderfully robust – all made here in our own UK based manufacturing facility.

Working in partnership with a locally based, UK extrusion mill, Cobalt developed a unique aluminium profile for use in our own in-house designed conveyors. Our design gives a deeper profile (140mm x 40mm) than the usual supplied, with an aluminium clip-on lid for both aesthetic purposes and health & safety requirements.

Belt Conveyors made in GB

Cobalt’s belt conveyors are manufactured with drive drums as opposed to motor gear boxes allowing for a cleaner, more streamlined integral conveyor. Nevertheless we can also supply heavier duty applications with centre drives and motor gear boxes. The power requirement range is from 0.11Kw to 1.5Kw.

With the Cobalt bespoke aluminium profile, comes strength and flexibility in any length and width. We have ensured that our profile design translates from not only belt conveyor manufacture but also allows for gravity roller conveyor manufacture and powered roller conveyor.

Through the provision of an innovative, self tracking guide on our belts – we have minimised belt movement and increased the life of the belt and indeed the life of conveyor, allowing for less ongoing maintenance.

Standard belts are available in PVC, PU, silicone and various other types such as grip face and flighted belts. Belt widths are available from 280mm to 2m wide. Belt lengths are available from 0.5m upwards to 20m.

The range of aluminium profile held in stock allows Cobalt to build using a choice of low profile through medium to high, heavy duty profile belt conveyors.

Additional Manufacturing Options include:

  • Mobile frames
  • Side guides (fixed and adjustable)
  • PEC sensors,
  • Start/stop boxes
  • Variable speed boxes
  • Emergency stops

Cobalt Conveyors has augmented its competitive advantage with the implementation of this new element of its business:

  • High quality product design and UK based manufactured belt conveyors range
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Excellent engineering and technical service.
  • Full conveyor system design and installation.
  • First class customer service and ongoing support.
  • Skilled and experience business management with complementary
  • business skills: accounting, marketing and sales.
  • Quality management systems.

Conveyor with Modular ChainConveyor with Modular Chain

Conveyor with Modular Chain

  • In widths of up to 607
  • In stainless steel and aluminium
  • As a flat belt or curved conveyor

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Flat belt conveyorsFlat belt conveyors

Flat Belt Conveyors

  • For horizontal transport and slight inclines
  • Belt widths from 60mm up to 1400mm
  • Distance between axes from 500mm up to 18.000 mm and beyond

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Inclined belt conveyorsInclined belt conveyors

Inclined Belt Conveyors

  • With slatted belt and feeding hopper
  • Belt width of up to 800 mm
  • Distance between axes of up to 6.000 mm

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Angled belt conveyorsAngled belt conveyors

Angled Belt Conveyors

  • With adjustable angle of inclination
  • Usable belt of up to 530 mm
  • Total length of up to 4.000 mm

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