Cobalt Conveyors has been appointed one of the UK’s authorised AmbaVeyor dealers. AmbaVeyor is a member of the AmbaFlex group of companies which specialises in the modular slat belt conveying system with the same brand name.

The AmbaVeyor range delivers high speed, single lane and mass flow conveyors and accumulators for many uses for a wide range of industries: Food & drink, health & beauty, pharmaceutical processing and packing, contract packaging, retail and postal.

Supplying the AmbaVeyor range of products, Cobalt can act as your system integrator. The AmbaVeyor products have a high functionality value that will ensure you a fresh approach to material handling solutions together with professional integration.


The AmbaVeyor product range represents an economical and low cost solution for conveying products from A to B with a minimum of transfers.

AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor that can be installed either on a turnkey basis or in modules for on-site assembly. The conveyor integrates curves, inclines and straight segments between its drive and tail unit. Configurations with one continuous belt can achieve a length of over 50 metres using a single drive. The belt comes in a width range of 200-600 mm.

Cobalt Conveyors Downloads The Benefits of Ambaveyor
  • Endless flexibility
  • Endless flexibility at unbeatable prices
  • 24 hours stock supply
  • Unique modular conveyor system
  • Cut the number of drives by two thirds
  • High load capacity (up to 120kg/metre)
  • One continuous conveyor incorporates straights, inclines and curves
  • Internet configuration and online ordering around the clock

The AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor system designed for the internal transport of unit loads. The main elements of the AmbaVeyor are the frame and the belt (also referred to as chain or slat chain).

The belt's unique ability to flex sideways and to negotiate upward and downward bends allow the AmbaVeyor to incorporate straight, inclined and covered tracks in a one-drive conveyor system that can be extend over distances of up to 50 metres.

AmbaVeyor Conveyors
  • The Belt

    The system's load capacity relies on the belt's centre chain. The chain is driven by the drive unit and it returns through the frame from the idler unit. This positive 210º sprocket-wrapped drive withstands high pull forces and insures durability.

    The slats are snapped onto the centre chain and can be replaced individually at the drive and idler unit without the need for special tools. The taps at the centre of the belt are enclosed along the frame's entire length including the return.

    Because the belt is so well captured, the AmbaVeyor is able to convey loads in all directions and pass through bends without any problem. As a result, the AmbaVeyor conveyor has no tracking problems, even when side-pushing products to and from the belt.

    The TPO slats applied in the AmbaVeyor overlap each other and form a closed conveyor belt. This universal belt type is suitable for almost all applications. The slats can be fitted with a high friction top in order to transport along inclines. The grip is determined by the ratio of high friction to normal slats.

  • Ambaveyor Performance

    The AmbaVeyor is capable of running at speeds of up to sixty metres per minute. The maximum belt length can vary from ten to fifty metres, depending on load and track layout.

    The belt moves on slide profiles around the centre and on the outer ends of each slat. This ensures stable support over the entire width. The load capacity can be up to 120 kg/metre, depending on the type of product to be conveyed.


    The AmbaVeyor is available in belt widths of 200, 400 and 600 mm. The material configurations range from coated mild steel to 100% wash-down stainless steel.

  • Delivery & Support

    The AmbaVeyor is configured to serve the needs of each individual customer. For customers equipped to engineer their own conveyor routes, the AmbaVeyor is supplied as part delivery in standard or customized dimensions that are easy to install on site.

    For customers with other needs, the AmbaVeyor is available pre-engineered or even ready to run. A program of specials is available for particular applications.

    Pre-engineered Delivery

    With pre-engineered delivery, the AmbaVeyor is designed to suit your floor plan, thus reducing the need for customer input. The AmbaVeyor sales engineers are available to translate your layout sketch into a drawing and parts list.

    There is a choice to deliver sufficient standard parts or to deliver it as a kit (customised parts).

    Ready to Run Delivery

    The AmbaVeyor ready to run programme is the ultimate in integration convenience. Once the conveyor (system) has been pre-engineered by the AmbaVeyor sales engineers, it is delivered complete ensuring that the system integrator does not lose time on assembly.

  • Ready-Assembled

    Conveyors with a compact footprint that can be shipped on a pallet can be delivered pre-assembled / ready to run. A ready-assembled AmbaVeyor can be integrated easily into a system. It only requires positioning, levelling and the electrical connection.

    Assenbly on Site

    Conveyors that are too large for efficient shipping can either be assembled on site by the integrator.

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AmbaTwister - Case Rotator

The AmbaTwister - Case Rotator is a proven design in packing lines. The stand alone machine is capable of rotating any unitized product in a careful way.

The AmbaTwister rotates the product 90 degrees at a minimum offset of 550 mm. With an overall length of 3,500 mm, the standardized machine has been developed based on the experiences of your industries. It guarantees a secure, though fast handling of most used products.

At the upstream side of the palletiser, products often must be rotated to match the palletising pattern.

AmbaTwister Case Rotator from Cobalt Conveyors

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